Wednesday, October 15, 2014

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They   Are   I hope  multi-shows   about Bigfoot  Bigfoot Shows

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Welcome to chasing Bigfoot
What is happening  now  is 3 books have been written , This is so strange  people just disappear  in our national parks .  We are going to start with a 3 hours long  The first thing was a UFO sightings and we will share a lot of links  in the blog  so be ready to spend a lot of time  watching the videos  ad make up your  own  mind .
Book 411 Missing Perple
This is an update of the informations
The next one  was from Whitney;s  Dreamland  Dreamland 2012 broad cast
Then here is  an update  this year  more  people missing people Newer events
The following  is a history channel  presentation  Looking for Big Foot
 Please  watch the links  and make up  your own mind
This  is a thinking persons  blog